Latest Options in Medical ID Jewelry


Cindy Kuzma

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Whether you’re traveling from your bedroom to the bathroom or taking a trip overseas, always wear a piece of medical ID jewelry if you have diabetes. That way, paramedics and other health care personnel will know how to help you if you’re sick or hurt and unable to speak. Traditional medical ID bracelets and necklaces feature a basic metal tag etched with key information about you and your condition. This should include your name, diabetes type, allergies, emergency phone number, and whether or not you take insulin. If you like to keep things simple, that’s enough. But if you’d prefer an upgrade in style or function, consider these options.

Glamorous Styles

Wearing a medical alert ID can be lifesaving, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Designers are now offering precious metal bracelets or necklaces, some decorated with beads or crystals. Try sites like Medical ID Fashions, American Medical ID, or Lauren’s Hope for fashionable options. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Just make sure the one you pick has a clear place to display your information. For instance, it should have a plate with a Star of Life symbol on it—a star with a serpent and staff in the middle that symbolizes emergency medical care. You can wear your bracelet on either wrist, but make sure it’s easy to find, especially if you wear other jewelry.

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