Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help Hypothyroidism?


Denise Mann, MS

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Gluten gets its fair share of press these days with many nutritionists and doctors telling us that a gluten-free diet can be the key to better health for certain individuals.

But is avoiding gluten, the protein found in certain grains, such as wheat, barley and rye, helpful for people with underactive thyroid glands?

A growing body of research hints this may just be the case.

When people who have celiac disease consume gluten, their immune system misfires against their small intestines. Symptoms run the gamut from abdominal pain and cramping to headache, joint pain, and brain fog. Left undiagnosed and untreated, celiac disease can damage the small intestine which will interfere with the body's ability to absorb and use nutrients.

Jessica on the importance of getting help from others and how she offers support to her sister who also lives with hypothyroidism.

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