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With all the information available about hypothyroidism, it can be hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction.


7 Ways to Get More Iodine in Your Diet with Hypothyroidism

Iodine supports thyroid health. How can you make sure you get more of it in your diet?

8 Tips for Taking Thyroid Medication

When you have hypothyroidism, hormone treatments can help you feel better. Know everything you need to about medication for the condition.

Recognizing the Signs of Thyroid Disease

It’s not always easy to recognize the symptoms of a thyroid disorder.

Coping with Hair Loss with Hypothyroidism

Too little thyroid hormone can cause dry, brittle hair. But treatment can reverse the loss.

Personal Story Network: Hypothyroidism

Living with Hypothyroidism

5 Easy Lifestyle Changes For Living Better With Hypothyroidism

A handful of simple lifestyle changes can help you feel better with hypothyroidism.

Exercise to Fight Hypothyroidism

Although it might feel like the last thing you want to do with hypothyroidism, exercise can actually boost your energy and lift your spirits.

7 Ways to Boost Your Energy with Hypothyroidism

If you find yourself lacking energy, try these tips to get you going.

Telling Friends and Family About Your Hypothyroidism

Opening up about your thyroid condition can help others understand what you're going through.

Is Your Thyroid Affecting Your Sleep?

An underactive thyroid can make a good night's sleep difficult.

Better-Looking Skin with Hypothyroidism

Low thyroid function can create a lot of skin problems. Combat symptoms and make sure you feel your best.

Hypothyroidism and Your Diet

Treatment Tips

Getting the Right Dose of Thyroid Medicine

Most people take meds to replace their lost thyroid hormones. How do you know if you’re getting the right dose?

5 Relaxation Therapies for Hypothyroidism

Stress and hypothyroidism are connected, so it's important to find time for relaxing.

Treating Hypothyroidism with Acupuncture

Can acupuncture help treat hypothyroidism? Find out more about this complementary medicine.
weighing scale

Signs of Thyroid Overmedication

Some people treated for hypothyroidism may be getting more thyroid hormone than they need. 

Staying Healthy

Introduction: DCP:  8 Ways Stress Affects Your Body: Overview

How Stress Affects Hypothyroidism

With an underlying thyroid problem, stress can make your health even worse.

Living with Underactive Thyroid: What to Eat and What Not to Eat

There are a few diet rules you should follow if you have hypothyroidism.

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