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4 Reasons Your Psoriasis Treatment Might Not Be Working

Not all psoriasis treatments are effective for everyone.

If you’re one of the 7.5 million Americans who lives with psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that affects the skin, you may be searching for the right treatment that works for you. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease that causes skin cells to build up, resulting in red, itchy and painful patches, called plaques. Treatments include topical creams and ointments, ultraviolet light therapy, immunosuppressants and biologics (medications that block inflammation). Unfortunately, not all treatments work for everyone, and even if they do work, their effectiveness can decrease with time. This isn’t unusual; there are several factors that can prevent your medication from working properly. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available for psoriasis, so if one therapy doesn’t work, you’ve got others to turn to.

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4 Signs Your Psoriasis Treatment Isn't Working


Why Psoriasis Treatments Can Fail

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Why Psoriasis Treatments Can Fail