What to Expect With an Asthma Medication Injection


Erin Azuse

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A few puffs of an inhaler are not always enough to relieve asthma symptoms, so many asthma sufferers require additional medications to keep it under control. For some people, this may come in the form of an injection. A few different types of asthma injections are currently available, each working in a distinct way. If your doctor thinks an asthma injection is right for you, here some things you need to know.

The discovery of different subtypes of asthma has led to the development of new asthma medication.

Asthma is characterized by a narrowing of the airways and an increase in mucus production, leading to coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Research shows asthma isn’t just one general condition. Instead, it can be broken into several subtypes, each with its own triggers and differences in what’s occurring within the body at the cellular level. Because of this discovery, researchers have learned how to tailor treatments to specific asthma subtypes, resulting in some of the new asthma medication injections.

When asthma doesn't respond to consistent treatment, it's considered severe asthma. Watch this video for more severe asthma facts.

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