11 Key Things to Know About Managing Severe Asthma
woman talking to male doctor

Meet the challenges of managing severe asthma.

Severe asthma, which is highly symptomatic asthma not well-controlled by typical medications, is a complicated condition. The chronic inflammation that’s typical of severe asthma can actually cause a remodeling of the airways inside your lungs, which leads to thickening and narrowing of those airways. It can also make your airways more hyper-responsive to triggers. This all makes severe asthma more difficult to manage than mild to moderate asthma. When you have severe asthma, learning how to manage your asthma symptoms is one of the most important things you can do to take care of yourself. It’s not a job that cannot be taken lightly. But you can meet the challenge and succeed—and in doing so, live a healthy, active life—if you keep these basics in mind.