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Find a Specialist Who Treats Severe Asthma


Types of Medications That Treat Asthma

If you find the right treatment plan, you can stay on top of your asthma symptoms and feel your best. 

Doctor and Patient Perspectives


Serious Treatment for Serious Asthma

Since Nancy's asthma was so hard to control, going to a specialist was necessary to get a treatment plan that worked.

Managing Severe Asthma Day to Day

When asthma doesn't respond to consistent treatment, it's considered severe asthma. Watch this video for more severe asthma facts.

Asthma By the Numbers

This infographic breaks down important numbers for asthma, with information on treatment and healthy-living tips.

What to Expect With an Asthma Medication Injection

A few puffs of an inhaler are not always enough to relieve asthma symptoms. That's why some people need injections.

Developing Severe Asthma in Adulthood

You may be surprised to learn that it’s possible to develop severe asthma as an adult, even if you never had it as a child.

Warning Signs of a Severe Asthma Attack

If you can recognize the early signs of an asthma flare-up, you may be able to ward off a serious asthma attack.

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