4 Signs Your Psoriatic Arthritis Treatment Isn't Working
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Treating psoriatic arthritis can be a moving target.

Psoriatic arthritis is a type of inflammatory arthritis associated with psoriasis, a chronic disease that affects skin and nails. My psoriatic arthritis patients may have several different symptoms that I look for at every visit. Some of the more common ones are inflammation of small and large joints of the body and scaly, red skin. Other symptoms may include lower back pain and stiffness, enthesitis (inflammation of the area where tendons and ligaments meet bones), and extreme swelling of fingers and toes (known as sausage-shaped digits). People with psoriatic arthritis may also have fatigue and problems moving around comfortably. We have more options than ever now to treat psoriatic arthritis. If your prescribed treatment is not helping eliminate or reduce your psoriatic arthritis symptoms, you need to tell your doctor. But how do you know if your treatment is working?

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Dr Ana-Maria-Orbai

Ana-Maria Orbai, MD, MHS

Ana-Maria Orbai, MD, MHS, is a rheumatologist at Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center. Her focus at the Center is in psoriatic arthritis and spondyloarthritis care. View her Healthgrades profile >

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