There's no one-size-fits-all solution to living well with diabetes. In fact, there are many lifestyle changes you can make that can keep you healthy.

Portrait of beautiful Golden Retriever

Diabetes Alert Dogs Sniff Out Trouble

How can man's best friend help people with diabetes?
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10 Surprising Facts About Diabetes

Diabetes is a common condition, affecting more than 25 million people in America. But we're finding out new things about it every day, and some of the facts might surprise you.

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A diagnosis of type 2 diabetes doesn’t need to ruin your life; in fact, it can change it for the better.

The side effects of ignoring diabetes, like blindness, nerve damage, and stroke, can be a wake-up call.

Living With Diabetes

Mediterranean-Style Meals

The Mediterranean Diet: Good for You and Your Diabetes

New research suggests that a Mediterranean diet is helpful in managing diabetes.

Eat Beans for Better Blood Sugar

Beans are a great superfood for anybody, but they're especially helpful for diabetes looking to control blood sugar.
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The Best Shoes for People with Diabetes

Complete an outfit with comfortable shoes or boots and you can prevent sores, nerve damage and even amputation.

What Diabetes Does to Your Body


12 Diabetes Complications

Diabetes can cause health problems all over your body. What should you be aware of if you're diabetic?


How Diabetes Affects Your Lungs

When you think of the body parts affected by diabetes, you might not think of your lungs first.

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