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I just want to show that I can interact and be like every other 25 year old. I may have this disease, but I can get through it.

Meredith Rich Emery, on learning to accept lupus Watch Meredith's Story

Staying Strong for My Daughter With Lupus

Shurleen says her heart breaks when she watches her daughter suffer.

Side effects are things that can happen, not things that will happen; it is the difference between Possibility and Probability.

Dr. Wilson, on the side effects of lupus. The more you know about side effects, the better

Lupus: Real People, Real Stories

"I always had little aches and pains that no one else seemed to have."  Watch Heather's story.

That’s another problem with lupus- you don’t always look sick, like someone who’s losing hair or becoming emaciated. Lupus is an invisible disease, but it’s a real one.

Marie Rich, on the burden of living with lupus Understand the caretaker’s perspective

W. Hayes Wilson, M.D. discusses lupus misconceptions, symptoms and lifestyle changes.

Managing Lupus Flare-ups


My Lupus Skin Care Routine

Heather applies makeup to conceal the lupus butterfly rash.

The 6 'Ps' of Managing Lupus

If you have lupus, these six words can change your life.

These dietary changes, accompanied by a strict exercise regimen, brought me to where I am today.

Elyse Hammett, on managing lupus for more than 20 years. Look good and feel great with these tips from Elyse

Shaun says to listen to the complaints and don't brush them off, because the pain is real.

The Loneliness of Lupus

Meredith shares how opening up about her illness has changed her outlook on life with lupus.

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