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Our bodies are like an old car. You have to do the maintenance to keep them running.

Stella Ross, on living with osteoarthritis of the knee Watch Stella's story

Because I maintain a strict exercise regimen, I feel like I’m fighting off the knee pain bit by bit.

Carol Scoggins, on keeping moving with arthritis Read Carol's advice

Living with Knee Pain

Between losing 80 pounds and taking medicine, the pain has been somewhat manageable for Ken.

Each day, about 40 to 50 people with osteoarthritis will visit my office, and many of them are confused about what they've heard about the disease.

Dr. Shervin Oskouei debunks some arthritis myths See top 5 arthritis myths

Gwendolyn King had good days and bad days with her knee, but the pain was always there.

Treating Knee Pain

My pain has dramatically decreased as a result of my exercising. I can go through the day and do all the things I want to do with a great deal less pain.

Ken Smith, on the benefits of his exercise routine See the exercises that helped him most

Embracing the Knee Brace

The brace I use today provides much more support above and below the knee, without restricting my mobility.

If your pain is preventing you from doing everyday tasks, it's time to seek treatment.

Knee Pain: Real Stories, Real People

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