Probiotics: My Solution for Crohn's Disease

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I've been living with Crohn's disease for more than 30 years. The first 20 years were incredibly tough - I tried all kinds of different medications, but nothing stuck. Then, an alternative health practitioner recommended some high-quality probiotics, and I started taking them religiously.

You've probably heard about probiotics in the last few years - all of the sudden, they've caught on with the public, and there are all kinds of TV commercials promoting them. Basically, probiotics are bacteria that help maintain healthy levels of organisms, called microflora, in your intestines. The normal digestive tract naturally contains about 400 types of probiotic bacteria. These probiotic bacteria reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, and lead, in most cases, to a healthy digestive system. But in some people, like me, something throws the balance way off. When there are too many harmful bacteria and not enough beneficial bacteria, you can experience serious issues with your digestive system. So, I take probiotics to replenish the beneficial bacteria and balance my gut flora. There may be no research that proves that probiotics work for people with Crohn's disease, but they seem to help me and my symptoms.

Crohn's disease is an inflammatory bowel disease that injures the intestines. People with Crohn's discuss living with the disease.

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