Matthew Miles

quotation mark I feel like I'm tougher, stronger and more confident than anybody out there ... I've been through pain. quotation mark

Matthew Miles, on living with Crohn's disease Watch Matthew's story

quotation mark We've learned that surrounding yourself with the support you need ... is the best thing you can do. quotation mark

-- Jan, on being proactive as a Crohn's caregiver Read More of Jan's Story
Lori Miles, Crohn's Disease, Crohn's, Crohn's Disease Diaries

Lori Miles discusses the difficulties of having a child with Crohn's disease, and finding the right balance between taking care and letting go.
Neal, Crohn's, Crohn's Disease, Crohn's Disease Diaries, PSN

Neal talks about the very real possibility of leading a normal life with Crohn's disease.
Tanvi Dhere, M.D., Crohn's, Crohn's Disease, Crohn's Disease Diaries

Dr. Tanvi Dhere, M.D., talks about what exactly Crohn's disease is, while also detailing what patients can do to treat the condition.

Probiotics: Mike's Solution for Crohn's Disease

If you're battling Crohn's and other treatments have failed, it can't hurt to try probiotics.

quotation mark If I'm not strong and healthy, I can't be the best caregiver for Mike - then we both lose. You do what you can for the person you love, but you have to take care of yourself, too. quotation mark

-- Jan, on maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a caregiver Read Jan's Story
Lori Miles Crohns Disease

Lori's Story: Letting Go of My Son with Crohn's Disease

The biggest factor in being able to let Matt live his life independently? Realizing I could trust him.