Meal Planning with Asthma


Susan Fishman

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woman with food in basket

You may have suspected by now that some foods you eat can have an effect on your asthma. Although there’s no special “asthma diet,” research has shown that some ingredients may make your asthma worse, while others may actually improve your symptoms. Plan your meals with these tips in mind to keep your asthma in check.

1. Fill up on fruits and vegetables.

They’re filled with antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamins C and E, which can help reduce lung swelling and irritation. Plus, fruits and veggies are low in calories but fill you up, which can help you maintain a healthy weight – another factor that improves asthma control. 

Lots of people with asthma experience symptoms when they exercise—but that doesn’t mean you should stop being active! Real asthma patients and specialists explain how exercising with asthma is crucial—you just need to be prepared and know your body.

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