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Asthma Facts

Here are some quick facts about this common lung disease you should know.

Expert Advice on Asthma


6 Expert Answers About Treating Adult Asthma

Pulmonologist Vijay Patel discusses frequently asked questions from his asthma patients.

Creating an Asthma Treatment Plan

Work with your doctor to create a treatment plan that fits your asthma and your life.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives

5 Reasons to See a Specialist for Severe Asthma

Asthma is a complex disease that affects everyone differently. That’s why you should follow a customized treatment plan.

Managing My Asthma

Lynne recounts overcoming her longtime struggles with asthma.

What I Wish My Patients Knew About Asthma Treatment

Dr. Marie Cavuoto Petrizzo offers some helpful advice on treating asthma.

Asthma Explained

the toll of asthma promo image

The Toll of Asthma

Who gets asthma, and how is it treated?

There’s a lot happening under the surface with asthma that might surprise you.

Managing Asthma Day to Day

Types of Medications That Treat Asthma

If you find the right treatment plan, you can stay on top of your asthma symptoms and feel your best. 

Asthma in Pregnancy

If you're pregnant and also have asthma, you probably have a few concerns and questions.

Watch Asthma Videos

9 Things to Know About Adult Asthma

Most people think of asthma in relation to childhood. But a specific type called adult onset asthma may develop later in life.

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