Kitchen Tips for People With Rheumatoid Arthritis


Beth Orenstein

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When your rheumatoid arthritis turns a simple task like cooking meals into a huge challenge, these clever and inexpensive ideas for tools and techniques will make navigating the kitchen and cooking healthy meals much easier.

Use Kitchen Gadgets

  • With the right blades, a food processor will do the chopping and slicing for you.

  • Use an electric mixer or blender for preparing sauces and drinks.

  • Use an apple corer to cut vegetables.

  • Use a bagel slicer. Instead of having to grip a knife in one hand and a bagel, roll, or English muffin in the other, with this gadget you just place the bread in a slot and push down on the slicing tool.

Think Ergonomically

  • Look for ergonomically designed utensils. These utensils feel more natural to grasp and are easy to hold and use. A good knife is one with a big handle. The handle will give you the stability and leverage you need to use your body weight, not just hand strength.

  • Bowls that have rubber bottoms offer more stability and make mixing easier.

  • Buy storage containers for flour, sugar, coffee, and tea with lids that are lightweight and easy to lift off.

  • Choose pots with two handles; they’re easier to lift.

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