Facing the Stigma of Diabetes


Amy Rushlow

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Woman injecting insulin

Have you ever felt embarrassed or judged because you have diabetes? You’re not alone. Many people with diabetes report experiencing stigma at their workplaces, in their relationships, or from curious onlookers.

Here are some concerns commonly expressed by people who have diabetes. Remember, it’s important to not let what other people think of you affect how you manage your condition.

“I’m embarrassed to inject insulin in front of other people.”

If you inject insulin, you might worry about being treated unfairly, or rejected. You might think that people will mistake you for an illegal drug user. You could also feel guilty, or feel like a failure because you need to use insulin.

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes may seem similar, but they’re actually very different diseases. Dr. Anthony Cardillo discusses the development and treatment of the two conditions.

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