Life with epilepsy can be hard. But there are ways to manage the condition that allow you to work, play and live comfortably.

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FAQ about Epilepsy

Get answers about epilepsy, including symptoms, causes and treatments.
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What to Ask Your Doctor About Epilepsy

Know what to ask at your next appointment.

Living with Epilepsy

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How Seizures Affect the Body

What exactly happens to your body when you have a seizure?


Understanding the Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet sometimes used to control seizures.

Talking Treatment

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Combination Therapy for Epilepsy

There are many different treatment options for epilepsy.  Some patients may need to use a combination.

What You Need to Know About Epilepsy

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Safety During an Epileptic Seizure

Seizures typically only last a few seconds, but having a plan in place will help prevent injuries.
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What to Do When a Seizure Happens

When something uncontrollable like a seizure happens, what do you do?

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