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Man injecting insulin

FAQs About Non-Insulin Injections

When it comes to diabetes, most people think of insulin as the main treatment. But there are other injection treatments available that don't use insulin.

Expert Advice on Diabetes


Advances in Diabetes Treatment

Sharon Bergquist, MD, discusses the major changes in diabetes treatment over the years.
PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR Male doctor talking to female patient lying in hospital bed

Expert Advice About Eating with Diabetes

Dr. N. Spencer Welch answers the most common questions about diabetes and diet.

4 Expert Answers About Diabetes Complications

Serious complications can develop if you don't treat your diabetes properly.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives

fruits and veggies

Diabetes Medications and Appetite

New diabetes therapies have come to the market in recent years that may suppress appetite.

PATIENT STORY Diabetes_Dan and Mary

Managing My Type 2 Diabetes: Everything in Moderation

Dan has been successfully managing his type 2 diabetes for 20 years.

Watch Diabetes Videos

Diabetes Explained


On top of tracking your diet and blood sugar, regular exercise is a key part of managing your diabetes.

Managing Diabetes Day to Day

Daily Aspirin

Aspirin Guidelines for People with Diabetes

There's one way you might be able to reduce your risk for heart disease: taking an aspirin a day.
medical id, bracelet, jewelery, id tag

Latest Medical ID Jewelry Options

Whether you're traveling from your bedroom to the bathroom or taking a trip overseas, always wear a piece of medical ID jewelry if you have diabetes.
Hearing test

Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Hearing loss among people with diabetes is an under-recognized problem, even though you're twice as likely to experience it than people without the disease.

Diabetes and Depression

Doctors still aren’t sure exactly why diabetes and depression so often go hand in hand.
Doctor and nurse examining CT scan digital tablet

How Diabetes Affects Your Brain

Diabetes can have an impact on your whole body. Your brain is no exception, and the risk is one more reason to control your diabetes.

What to Do When Blood Sugar Spikes

High blood sugar often develops in response to too little insulin or too much food.
Group of Women Eating Out

8 Ways to Make Diabetic-Friendly Menu Choices

Eating smart doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great meal out.

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