Are You Hiding Your Diabetes?


Cindy Kuzma

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You can’t tell someone has diabetes at first glance. And some people with diabetes go to great lengths to make sure others don’t know about their condition. You might be tempted to hide your diabetes because:

  • You don’t want to deal with blame, embarrassment or misconceptions

  • You feel weak or inadequate to admit you have it

  • You think it’s your fault

  • You’d rather avoid questions about your health or about diabetes management

  • You don’t want to shock or worry friends and family

  • You fear losing your job, relationship or friendships

Harms of Denial

In some cases, you might not even be honest with yourself about your health. At first, denial can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed or depressed by bad news. But over time, ignoring or concealing your condition has consequences. For instance:

On top of tracking your diet and blood sugar, regular exercise is a key part of managing your diabetes. And while any exercise is better than none, certain activities have specific benefits for people with diabetes.

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