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You use them to check the weather, send email, and play games with your friends. But your smartphone or tablet can also play a role in improving your health. Mobile applications focused on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) provide information about the disease. Some even help you track your symptoms.

Talk with your doctor about selecting an app that’s best for you. And note that they don’t replace regular medical care. Your doctor still needs to examine you physically and provide personalized advice on treatment. However, apps can provide extra information to both you and your doctor between visits.

Understand Your Aches

With TRACK + REACT from the Arthritis Foundation, you’ll input information about your diet, exercise, sleep, medications, and mood. You’ll also report changes in your pain levels. The app then creates a graph that charts how each daily activity impacts your symptoms. The application is free and available for iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android.

Manage Your Whole Health

Chances are, your treatment plan involves more than medication. Your diet, stress level, and exercise habits all affect your symptoms and your overall health. The Mayo Clinic Arthritis Wellness Solutions app offers advice on integrative health care from experts at the well-known medical center. You’ll find conversations with specialists, a 40-minute yoga routine, and an interactive tool to decrease stress. This app is available for iPhone and iPad.

Visualize Your Disease  

Understanding the cause of your pain may play a big role in helping you decrease it. The Rheumatoid Arthritis app from Focus Medica explains the underlying processes that contribute to RA through medical animation. You’ll also learn about signs and symptoms, treatment, and management. The video comes with a transcript and notes that allow you to delve deeper into each topic. The app is available for Android. 

Chart Your Progress

Another tracking app, MyRA by Crescendo Bioscience, helps you keep tabs on all your RA data. You can pinpoint which joints hurt on a map of your body, rate activities such as cooking and gardening from “easy” to “no way,” monitor your medication use, and even enter in lab test results. Then, you can email or show the results to your doctor. This application is free and available for iPhone and iPad.

Key Takeaways

  • Mobile apps focused on RA can help you learn about the disease and track your symptoms.

  • With TRACK + REACT, you input information about your diet, exercise, sleep, medications, mood, and pain level. The app charts how daily activity affects your symptoms.

  • The Rheumatoid Arthritis app from Focus Medica explains the causes of RA through medical animation.

  • With MyRA, you can pinpoint which joints hurt on a map of your body, enter in lab test results, email updates to your doctor, and more.
Inflammation from RA can make it difficult to use your hands.
Was this helpful? (14)
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