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Indulge Your Inner Child

Certain foods, insect bites and stings, and some medications can cause allergic reactions in children who are sensitive to them. Anaphylaxis is the most severe type of allergic reaction -- and it can be fatal.


Asthma and Food Allergies

Recent research suggests a close link between food allergies and asthma in children.

6 Ways to Be Allergy Aware During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to bring people together, and food is often the easiest way to make that happen. But if you have serious food allergies, it pays to keep an eye on the dishes other partygoers bring.
Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home

Three-Step Allergy Emergency Action Plan

Knowing the A-B-Cs of the Allergy Emergency Action Plan can save your life or that of your child.
Woman exercising

What is Exercise-Induced Anaphylaxis?

Is it true that exercise can trigger an allergic reaction?

Food Allergies

Allergic Reactions


Back to School with Severe Allergies

If your child has allergies, it's important for teachers to understand how to handle symptoms and emergencies.

Can You Outgrow Severe Allergies?

Severe allergies can be a difficult challenge for children, but the good news is that many kids outgrow them.

Signs of an Allergy Emergency

Swift action can make the difference between a minor incident and a hospitalization. 
Medicine pills

Understanding Medical Allergies

The reason a person develops a drug allergy is usually unknown, but genetics probably play a significant role.

Allergy shot

Allergy Shots 101

Allergy shots are a treatment that can help to prevent or minimize allergic reactions.

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