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knee pain, knee

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis. It is a disease that causes the breakdown of cartilage, the tissue that covers and protects the ends of bones.


Health Test: How Well Are You Managing Your Knee Pain?

The severity of your knee pain can determine the best course of treatment. Take a health test to get personalized treatment and coping tips.

Weight and Knee Pain

Is Your Weight Hurting Your Arthritic Knees?

The more weight you carry around with you, the more pressure it places on your knees.

6 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Weight: Your Knees Will Thank You

Even a small amount of weight loss can make a big difference for your knees.

At Your Appointment

What to Ask Your Doctor About Knee Arthritis

Swimming for Knee Arthritis

Swimming is a great way to get exercise while not putting too much strain on your joints.

Self-Massage for Knee Arthritis

You don't need to be a licensed massage therapist to learn how to treat your knee pain with self-massage.

Knee Arthritis? Here's Your Treadmill Rx

Walking on a treadmill is a safe and convenient way to ease the pain of knee arthritis.

Tai Chi for Knee Arthritis

Tai chi is a mind-body form of exercise that can help relieve pain and improve function for people with knee arthritis.

7 Myths About Knee Pain

Knee arthritis is a common problem -- nearly half of Americans will develop symptoms by their 80s.

danube cruise

Vacation Spots for People with Knee Arthritis

Don't let knee pain get in the way of your dream vacation.

Heat and Ice for Knee Pain

Heating pads and ice packs are both helpful in treating knee arthritis. The trick is knowing when and how to use them.

Living with Knee Arthritis

Travel Pain-Free With Knee Arthritis

With some careful planning and these savvy travel tips, you can send knee arthritis pain packing.

The Depression-Knee Pain Connection

Depression can make the pain of arthritis even worse.

More on Knee Treatments

A Closer Look at Knee Injections

If you’re not getting the relief you need from oral medications for knee pain, your doctor may recommend injections into your joint.

How to Describe Your Knee Pain to Get the Help You Need

Describing your pain to your doctor in detail will help you and your doctor determine the cause and find the right treatment.

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