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If you're living with COPD, you may be prescribed multiple medications 
to help control your symptoms and prevent flare-ups. Understanding how each of those medications are given, and how they work, will help you stick with your treatment plan.

Myth #1: COPD is a man's disease.

3 Ways to Clear Your Lungs

Controlled coughing, postural drainage and chest percussion can help you loosen and expel excess mucus from your lungs.

6 Signs of a COPD Flare-Up

Know what to watch for so you can seek help immediately during a COPD flare-up.
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9 Exercises for People with COPD

It's tempting to reduce physical activity with COPD, but exercise has many benefits.


COPD Symptoms Can Be Worse in Winter

As the weather turns colder, follow these tips to help keep your COPD from flaring up.

More Treatments for COPD

At Your Appointment

COPD Appointment Guide

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6 Tips for People on Oxygen Therapy

When oxygen is prescribed, you’ll be referred to a medical equipment company.

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