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Expert Advice on Diabetes

PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR woman using diabetes test kit

The ABCs of Diabetes

Diabetes can be difficult to manage, but it’s important to stay on top of the disease to prevent complications from developing.
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More Convenient Diabetes Treatments

In the past, diabetes treatment was limited and sometimes difficult to follow correctly. Now, there’s a much wider variety of easier treatment options.
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An Expert's Answers to Diabetes Treatment FAQs

Dr. N. Spencer Welch answers common questions he hears from his patients about treating type 2 diabetes.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives

PATIENT STORY woman-hiking-in-field

Accepting My Diabetes Diagnosis

Gayla didn't realize what a chronic disease diabetes is, but now she's framed it as a way to live a healthier life.
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Avoid Complications with Diabetes

Diabetes affects your whole body. Make sure you’re managing it well to avoid serious complications.

Diabetes Explained

Managing Diabetes Day to Day

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