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Serious doctor examining brain scan

How HIV Can Affect Your Brain

HIV can cause changes in the brain that increase the risk of behavior changes.

Expert Advice on HIV

PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR hand-holding-pills

What is HIV Drug Resistance?

Treating HIV comes with its fare share of challenges, the greatest of which is HIV drug resistance.

An Expert's Perspective on HIV Drug Resistance

Silvania Ng, MD, discusses the complications surrounding HIV drug resistence.
PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR portrait-of-man-in-office-setting

Treatment Options When Your HIV Becomes Drug Resistant

When HIV mutates, the virus can become resistant to medication. What happens next?

Finding the Right HIV 'Cocktail'

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to choosing an HIV treatment regimen.
PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR man looking upwards

When Should You Start HIV Treatment?

Experts recommend that you approach HIV treatment with a sense of commitment.
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Top 10 Questions About Living With HIV

Joel Gallant, MD, MPH, answers a lot of questions about HIV. Here are some of the most common.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives


HIV: Why See a Specialist?

HIV is a complex disease that affects everyone differently. That’s why all HIV patients should follow unique treatment plans.

HIV: Don't Be Afraid to Learn Your Status

Freda believes that not knowing your status is far scarier than learning you are HIV positive and getting treatment.

Managing HIV Day to Day

fruits and vegetables

Nutrition and HIV

A good combination of eating healthy and getting regular exercise is critical when you’re living with HIV.
Happy woman

Maintain a Healthy Body Image With HIV

You're probably working hard to manage all the physical aspects of HIV. Don't ignore the emotional issues, too.
Smiling man

Affording Your HIV Treatment

Now more than ever before, people with HIV are living long, productive lives, thanks to improved medications and ongoing physician care.
checking for cavities

Oral Care for People with HIV

When you have HIV, good oral health means more than having a bright smile and clean teeth.

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