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Signs of uncontrolled diabetes can appear all over your body. High blood sugar can damage nerves, blood vessels, and organs, resulting in a wide array of symptoms. Talk with your doctor if you spot any of them, so you can keep your diabetes under control.


How Diabetes Is Different for Men

If you’re a man with type 2 diabetes, you aren’t alone—nearly 12 percent of all men ages 20 and older have the disease. 
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Meal-Planning Methods for Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you don't have to give up all the foods you like. But you do need to follow some guidelines. Eating right helps keep your blood sugar within a normal range. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight.

What to Do When Blood Sugar Spikes

High blood sugar often develops in response to too little insulin or too much food.
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7 Tips for Preventing and Treating Hypoglycemia

Most people with diabetes will experience low blood glucose at some point.

Living With Diabetes


Diabetes and Depression

Doctors still aren’t sure exactly why diabetes and depression so often go hand in hand.

How Diabetes Affects the Skin

You can prevent many diabetes-related skin problems by keeping your blood sugar in check. 

Conquer Your Fear of Needles

The thought of receiving injections or giving them to yourself may seem terrifying, but overcoming your fear is possible.

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