Dating Tips: Don't Let Psoriasis Keep You at Home


Linda Wasmer Andrews

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Dating can be nerve-wracking for anyone—and having psoriasis just gives you one more thing to be nervous about. Maybe you’re concerned that your date will be turned off by how your skin looks. Or perhaps you worry that you’ll be rejected because your date fears catching the disease.

Unfortunately, some people let such concerns stand in their way. In a survey by the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) of 426 people with psoriasis, about one-third said they limited dating or intimacy because of their skin condition.

Psoriasis does add an extra dimension to romance. The fact that it usually starts between ages 15 and 35—prime dating time—just adds to the challenge. But it may not be as big of a hurdle as you think. When you’re confident and upbeat, other people will be drawn to you, and psoriasis won’t hold back your true admirers.

Make a Strong First Impression

People’s first impressions of you are based on surface characteristics. Your skin is one thing that people notice right away. But so is your smile, posture, grooming, and tone of voice. If your overall demeanor is confident and friendly, you’ll make a better first impression, regardless of whether you have visible psoriasis.

There are many treatment options for psoriasis, and they all come with risks and benefits. Ultimately, whether you treat with topical creams, light therapy, or medications, you and your doctor will decide the best treatment path together.

Medical Reviewer: William C. Lloyd, MD, FACS Last Review Date: Apr 13, 2016

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