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Find a doctor who treats Psoriasis


Psoriasis Facts

Dealing with moderate to severe psoriasis? Get to know the facts about this chronic skin disease.

Expert Advice on Psoriasis


Understanding Your Treatment Options for Psoriasis

Psoriasis may feel overwhelming, but you have many treatment options to keep it under control.

5 Top Questions About Treating Psoriasis With Biologics

Severe cases of psoriasis call for systemic medications that can target inflammation.

Psoriasis and Your Body

The severity of psoriasis is measured by how much it affects your body.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives

woman looking at psoriasis

9 Tips for Soothing a Psoriasis Flare

Psoriasis flares can be unpredictable and frustrating. 


Psoriasis: With You For Life

Emma was diagnosed with severe psoriasis at age 8. She shares her experiences about finding the best treatment for her.

Managing Psoriasis Day to Day

Stopping and Restarting Biologic Medications for Psoriasis

It's usually best not to stop taking a biologic, since most of these medications don’t work as well when restarted.

Home Remedies and Alternative Therapies for Psoriasis

If you're thinking of trying alternative therapies for psoriasis, you have several options.

Dating Tips: Don't Let Psoriasis Keep You at Home

As if dating weren't hard enough, having psoriasis can be one more thing to be stressed about.

Understanding Oral and Injectable Treatments for Psoriasis

For some people with psoriasis, treatment involves taking oral medications or receiving injections.

How Safe Are Biologics for Psoriasis?

Biologics are making a huge difference in the treatment of the psoriasis. It helps to know how they work.

Light Therapy: A Brighter Future with Psoriasis?

Light therapy is a potential treatment route when medications aren't clearing up psoriasis.

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