Can I Drink With COPD?


Jennifer Larson

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two pints of beer in pub

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, usually develops after a person has been exposed to a lung irritant for a long period of time. You can point the finger of blame at cigarette smoke. Although air pollutants and chemical fumes can and do lead to COPD, it’s usually a lifelong smoking habit that causes COPD. COPD also develops in some people who were exposed to secondhand smoke for many years.

So, smokers with COPD who haven’t quit smoking must toss every last pack of smokes into the garbage can for good. What’s less clear is if they should also give up drinking alcoholic drinks. You’re not the first person to wonder, “Are COPD and alcohol use incompatible? Can I drink with COPD?”

The key to managing COPD is planning. From meals to laundry to shopping, small adjustments can make living with COPD more manageable.

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