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Find a Specialist Who Treats COPD


Expert Advice on COPD


Treatment Options Increasing for COPD

Recently, doctors have been looking at new ways to use old treatments for COPD.

A Physician's Prescription for COPD

Dr. Shikha Chacko offers these helpful tips for managing COPD.

Expert Answers to Top COPD FAQs

A pulmonologist answers common questions he hears from his patients about treating COPD.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives

COPD: Why See a Specialist?

COPD is a complex condition that affects everyone differently.


Keeping an Active Lifestyle with COPD

Meg has been living with COPD for 20 years, but she still lives an active and independent life.

COPD Explained

Watch COPD Videos

Scott Marlow, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Director at the Cleveland Clinic, demonstrates several breathing exercises for people with COPD that will help you get moving again.

Dr. Katina Nicolackis, pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic, explains the importance of quitting smoking, medications and oxygen in managing COPD.

The key to managing COPD is planning. From meals to laundry to shopping, small adjustments can make living with COPD more manageable.

Medications Help Manage COPD Symptoms

Medications can help you breathe easier. Here's a look at several common drugs prescribed for COPD.
Woman With Headache Holding Hand on Head

8 Common Complications of COPD

In addition to treating COPD symptoms, your doctor can help you manage these further complications.

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