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Find a Specialist Who Treats ADHD

Woman Talking to Doctor

Talking With Your Doctor About Adult ADHD

Talk with your doctor about what it means to have ADHD as an adult. It's a talk that could change your life.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives

Managing Adult ADHD Day to Day

close up of hand holding pill

Extended-Release Adult ADHD Medication: What to Know

Not only are ADHD medications available in different forms, they also have different release mechanisms.
frustrated businessman sitting in cafe with hands on head

7 Ways to Work Out ADHD-Related Job Challenges

Tuning out distractions, meeting deadlines, sitting through meetings—these challenges are magnified when you have ADHD.
young woman looking at smartphone

ADHD, Technology, and You

Cell phones, computers and video games can be especially disrupting if you have ADHD.

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