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Find a Specialist Who Treats MS


How to Nurture Relationships When You Have MS

The following tips can help you not only maintain your close relationships with MS, but potentially make them stronger.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives


Expert Answers About Treating Multiple Sclerosis

An expert answers frequently asked questions about multiple sclerosis treatment.

The Basics of Multiple Sclerosis

What happens after an MS diagnosis? A doctor explains what the condition is and how it's treated.

Multiple Sclerosis: Not the End of Your Dreams

When Caroline was diagnosed with MS, her greatest fear was that she wouldn’t be able to have kids or care for them.

Managing Multiple Sclerosis Day to Day

Managing Stress With MS

Many people with MS believe that stress negatively affects their disease and can make symptoms worse. Take control with these 5 steps.

Tips for Better Sleep With MS

MS symptoms like pain and muscle spasms are some obvious challenges to shut-eye.

MS Treatment Options

When it comes to treating MS, the long list of options may seem overwhelming. What will work for you?

Experts are still learning a lot about multiple sclerosis. Get to know these interesting facts about the condition.

Side Effects of MS Treatment

With MS, you may benefit from short-term medications. As a result, you need to know about the potential side effects.

Boosting Energy When You Have MS

Have MS and need an energy boost? There are ways to save energy and fight back against fatigue.

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