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Woman holding her head behind the computer

Migraine Facts

Migraines are different from other headaches in that symptoms other than pain occur. Get to know the facts.

Expert Advice on Migraine

Doctor and Patient Perspectives

PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR woman-with-hand-on-head-with-doctor-in-background

What I Wish My Patients Knew About Treating Migraines

Understand the nuances of your migraine headache with advice from Dr. Carmen Echols.
PATIENT STORY woman-experiencing-migraine-with-pillow-over-head

Coping With Raging Migraines

How do people deal with migraines when they can be so debilitating?

Managing My Migraines By Making Healthy Choices

Nancy has to abstain from her daughter's delicious baked goods—but it's worth it if it means avoiding a migraine.

Managing Migraine Day to Day


The Caffeine-Migraine Relationship

For some, a cup of coffee might relieve migraine symptoms. But for others, caffeine can actually be a trigger.
Boy with hands on head

When Your Child Has a Migraine

The pain of a migraine is something you never want your child to go through. Get to know how children experience migraine differently. 
male stressed at work

Coping With the Stigma of Migraine

Most people understand very little about migraine. Learn how to manage your migraines and reduce negative perceptions.

Daily Headache Prevention

Chronic daily headache is more than an occasional nuisance. Here's what you can do about it.

Alternative Ways to Tackle Migraine

If medication hasn't helped your migraines, you might be able to turn to supplements.

Relaxing pre-bed activities

Prevent a Migraine Before It Starts

A prevention strategy for migraines is definitely worth a try.

Common Migraine Treatments: Benefits and Risks

Do you need acute relief, preventive medication, or something else entirely for your migraine?
Woman with headache

Headache or Migraine? Know the Difference

Other types of headaches are often confused with migraines. Learn how to tell which is which.
brain scan

Your Brain on Migraines

Experts believe that people with migraines may have particularly sensitive brains that can be triggered by a variety of factors.

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