What to Expect After Beginning Epilepsy Treatment


Imad Najm, MD    

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The number one goal of epilepsy treatment is controlling your seizures--meaning with treatment, you will have no seizures at all. Once your seizures are under control, you reduce the risk of seizure-related injury; you’re able to drive, go to work, and for the most part live a “normal life.”

The good news is there’s a very high probability of seizure control with today’s treatment options. 

The first treatment we will try is an antiepileptic seizure drug (AED). Seven out of 10 epilepsy patients will be able to successfully manage their condition with AEDs. However, with 26 different AEDs, all made to treat different types of seizures, there could be some initial trial and error in finding the right one.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by seizures—but it can affect everyone in different ways. Do you know the facts?

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