Treatment Options for Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy Patients


Imad Najm, MD    

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Pediatrician, Nurse and Patient

Epilepsy can be a pretty scary diagnosis for patients and their families. There are always a lot of questions at that initial appointment. Sometimes, they don’t even have to ask; I can look at their faces and see there are still a lot of question marks.

Most often, patients and their families are concerned about treatment. “Can I have a normal life?” The answer to that is generally yes. “Can my epilepsy be cured?” This question is trickier, and depends on their definition of “cured.” What I can tell them is that there is a very high chance their epilepsy can be controlled. And by controlled, I mean they will have zero seizures, have a reduced risk for injury, be able to drive, and, yes, live a fairly normal life.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by seizures—but it can affect everyone in different ways. Do you know the facts?

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