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6 Tips and Techniques for Coping with Epilepsy in the Workplace

Dealing with epilepsy at work can be challenging, but a productive work life is possible.

Expert Advice on Epilepsy

PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR Pediatrician, Nurse and Patient

Treatment Options for Newly Diagnosed Epilepsy Patients

Although an epilepsy diagnosis can be scary, most patients can live a normal life with the right treatment.
PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR Happy Woman with Perfect Smile

What to Expect After Beginning Epilepsy Treatment

Dr. Imad Najm discusses how treatment can drastically reduce your risk of seizures.
PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR serious-man-leaning-against-wall

A Doctor's Perspective on Treating Epilepsy: Cured vs. Controlled

Dr. Imad Najm answers common questions he hears from his patients about treating epilepsy.  

Doctor and Patient Perspectives

Epilepsy Explained

epilepsy infographic promo card

Infographic: Epilepsy By the Numbers

Epilepsy affects 3 million people in the United States. 

epilepsy video

There are a lot of myths floating around about Epilepsy. Can you tell fact from fiction? 

Managing Epilepsy Day to Day

Doctor talking with patient

How Doctors Diagnose Epilepsy

How does your doctor determine whether or not you have epilepsy?
Struggles with Normal Conversation

Talking With Your Doctor About Epilepsy Treatment

Because there are many different options for treating epilepsy, your doctor will tailor your treatment plan to your needs.

First Aid for Epilepsy Caregivers

These basic first aid steps will help you protect and care for your loved one during a seizure.

7 Helpful Tips for Epilepsy Caregivers

Be more prepared as an epilepsy caregiver with these tips

Woman with headache, migraine, stress, insomnia, hangover

How Seizures Affect the Body

An epileptic episode typically affects all areas of the brain. Find out what happens to the rest of your body during a seizure.
woman having seizure

Safety During an Epileptic Seizure

Seizures typically only last a few seconds, but having a plan in place will help prevent injuries. Read up on seizure safety do’s and don’ts.

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