Preparing Your Kids for Allergies at Camp


Susan Fishman

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Sending your kid off to camp can be one of the most exciting times of his life (and yours!), but it can also be a little nerve-wracking, especially when allergies are involved. Will he know what to do to get relief? Will they be able to help him in case of an emergency? Can he even go? The answer is YES! With a little preparation and planning, your child can have a normal camp experience … and a “totally awesome” summer.

The Team Approach

Since camp is a change from your child’s normal routine, it’s helpful to identify the things that may come up and pose a potential issue. A visit to the doctor or allergist may be a good idea to check on your child’s allergy status (and some camps require an updated physical form).

Anaphylaxis can be frightening, but being prepared will help you feel empowered to prevent a dangerous allergic reaction. Do you know all the facts?

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