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Nurse is Assisting Senior Patient in Rehabilitation

Next Steps After a Heart-Related Health Scare

Improve your prospects after a heart-related health scare by taking charge.

Expert Advice on Pain Relief


3 Benefits of Acetaminophen for Pain Relief

What makes acetaminophen different from other pain relievers? Read about three major benefits.
PHYSICIAN CONTRIBUTOR Senior Man Talking with Doctor

Expert Answers About Safe Pain Relief With Heart Disease

Patients at risk of heart disease should be aware of the type of pain relief they use.
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Heart Patients Should Think Twice About NSAIDs

While NSAIDs are effective at reducing pain, they come with side effects. Dr. Ramana Naidu weighs the risks and benefits of pain relief.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives


Preventing Another Heart Problem

After recovering from open-heart surgery, Ron wants to stay healthy. And that includes being mindful of the pain relief he takes.

Finding the Right Pain Relief


Pain Relief Techniques Your Heart Will Love

There are several non-drug ways to provide pain relief when you're living with heart disease.
Medications Reduce Pain and Inflammation

Why Heart Patients Should Avoid NSAIDs

Research shows that NSAIDs can be harmful to your heart—especially if you’re already at risk for cardiovascular disease.

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