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smiling woman eating food in kitchen

Be a superstar and eat superfoods. There are all kinds of delicious, healthy foods available to diabetics.


8 Steps to Kick-Start Your Diabetes Treatment Plan

Follow these steps to learn more about diabetes, and start moving toward a healthy lifestyle.

Living With Diabetes


Beyond Insulin: New Treatments

Fifty-eight percent of adults with diabetes use oral medications and 12 percent use insulin. These treatments aren't the only options.

The Skinny on Common Sugar Substitutes

There are all kinds of artificial sweeteners that can take the place of sugar. But which ones are the best for diabetics?

The Benefits of Soy for Diabetes

Soy is packed with nutrients and may be beneficial for people with diabetes.
Women laughing outdoors

Avoiding Diabetes Burnout

It's tough to keep up with a diabetes treatment plan. But shaking things up can keep you focused.
Limit Alcohol

4 Ways Alcohol Affects Diabetes

Is it okay to have a drink if you're diabetic? Find out how alcohol fits into your diabetes care plan.

Managing Diabetes with Exercise


Physical Activity for Diabetics

Staying active with diabetes can have significant benefits on your body.

If the Shoe Fits, running shoe

Exercise and Blood Sugar Levels

Before you lace up your sneakers and start exercising, it's important to understand how exercise affects your blood sugar.

Mealtime Insulin Basics

man at dinner table with family

Is Mealtime Insulin Right for You?

Mealtime insulin is a good way to regulate blood sugar and prevent complications from diabetes, but it's not for everyone.
happy family

Finding the Right Mealtime Insulin

There are two different kinds of mealtime insulin available -- which one is the right one for you?

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