8 Tasty Sources of Fiber


Judith Hurley, RD

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Dietary fiber does a lot of good things. It helps you feel full, keeps you regular, and may help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Sure, bran cereal is loaded with it, but you might be surprised to see what other foods can help provide your daily dose. 

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    Navy Beans

    Beans are exceptionally rich in fiber, and navy beans, with 19 grams of fiber per cup, top the list of healthy legumes. Men need 38 grams of fiber a day. A bowl of hearty navy bean soup will go a long way toward getting you there.

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    Start your morning with a cup of sweet, flavorful raspberries. They're small in size but big in fiber; one cup provides 8 grams. Women should aim for 25 grams of fiber a day.

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    The average daily fiber intake of adults in the U.S. is only 15 grams, far short of the recommended amount. To get more, look to the artichoke. One medium artichoke or three-quarters cup of artichoke hearts provides 10 grams of fiber.

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    Pears, along with apples, dates, oranges, and some other fruits, are high in soluble fiber. This type of fiber helps lower cholesterol by preventing its absorption by the digestive tract. A medium pear has about 5 grams of fiber. Remember, enjoy pears and apples unpeeled because the skin and underlying pectin are a major fiber source.