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An HIV diagnosis can be shocking when you look and feel just fine. But early treatment is vital to keeping the infection in check.

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How Close Are We to an HIV Cure?

There is currently no cure for HIV, though research is progressing.  See where the science is headed.
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HIV and Exercise: Where Do I Start?

If you need an exercise plan to stay healthy with HIV, here are some steps you can take.
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Nutrition and HIV

A good combination of eating healthy and getting regular exercise is critical when you’re living with HIV.
It's Just at the Doctor's Office...Myth No. 9

Resources and Support for Minorities Living with HIV

Although anyone can get HIV/AIDS, certain populations are affected more than others.
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HIV and the African-American Community

HIV affects the African-American community on a disproportionate level.

HIV in the Latino Community

Hispanics account for 21 percent of the new HIV infections each year in the U.S.

HIV Basics

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9 Things to Know About HIV Treatment

Once you begin treatment for HIV,  you'll be taking your medication for the rest of your life.

When You're HIV Positive: What to Say

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What Women Need to Know About Sex and HIV

Most women will eventually desire a loving relationship again that includes sex.
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What Men Need to Know About Sex and HIV

Your sex life doesn't have to end after an HIV diagnosis. Know how to protect yourself and your partner.

Life With HIV

Is Your Weight Healthy?

Can Your Weight Affect Your HIV Treatment?

Being either overweight or underweight can affect your health with HIV.
Several skin conditions are common in people with HIV.
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HIV: What Women Need to Know

Today, about half of those worldwide who are living with HIV are women.
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The Relationship Between HIV and Drug Abuse

If you struggle with drug abuse, it can interfere with your treatment and make your HIV worse. 

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