4 Signs Your Asthma Is Severe

Is your asthma severe?

If you have asthma, the airways bringing air in and out of your lungs become tight, restricting the flow of air. This translates into symptoms like shortness of breath and wheezing. Most people with asthma can control it successfully with medications and lifestyle changes. But some people have severe asthma, in which they experience symptoms frequently despite taking their medication as prescribed. As a pulmonologist, I look for certain signs that my patients’ asthma is severe. If you’re experiencing any of the following, reach out to your pulmonologist to take next steps.

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Praveen Akuthota

Dr. Praveen Akuthota

Dr. Praveen Akuthota is a board-certified pulmonologist with UC San Diego Health. He’s also an associate clinical professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine, where his research focuses on eosinophils and inflammation. View his Healthgrades profile >