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These simple breathing strategies can help you get more air into your lungs.


Will an Air Cleaner Help Me Breathe Easier?

Air filters can reduce the allergens in your home and minimize your breathing triggers.

Getting Treatment for Lung Disease

What Is Chronic Bronchitis?

The symptoms of chronic bronchitis include coughing up mucus and feeling short of breath.

Sleep Problems and Lung Disease

Lung disease can make it harder to breathe at night. Try these tips to get more shut-eye.

Keep Moving to Manage COPD

Maintaining a Healthy Weight With Lung Disease

Surprisingly, COPD can be a factor in both weight gain and weight loss.

How Exercise Can Boost Your Strength With COPD

A carefully planned exercise routine strengthens your lung muscles and helps you breathe easier.

Maximizing Your Energy with Lung Disease

Don't let your breathing fears prevent you from living the life you want to lead.

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