Significant progress has been made in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) due to a new class of medications called biologics. Biologics work by blocking the immune response that leads to the painful symptoms of RA. They are also effective in about 2/3 of patients who use them.


What Causes Joint Damage in RA?

As your immune system invades the tissue around your joints, it can cause painful inflammation.
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Combination Therapy for RA

Treating RA early and aggressively could mean taking more than one RA drug at the same time, a process known as combination therapy.

A Closer Look at Biologics

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9 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About RA

When working with your doctor to treat rheumatoid arthritis pain, you have several different treatments available.


How Safe Are Biologics for RA?

Biologics are highly effective in controlling RA symptoms and preventing further joint damage. But do they pose any risks?
How Biologics Work

How Biologic Drugs Are Given for RA

You may have heard of biologics as a treatment option for RA. But what are they exactly, and how do you take them?

Thriving With RA


Finding the Right Treatment for RA

Which treatments your doctor prescribes will depend on your RA and your particular experience.
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8 Complications of RA

You are more likely to have complications if you have severe RA. Be aware of the risks. 

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