Ask the Right Questions at Your Next Doctor's Appointment

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What is the reason for the appointment?

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Has the doctor diagnosed you or your loved one with hearing loss?

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Is the appointment with a current or new doctor?

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Most important questions to ask about Hearing Loss

Top 10 Questions about Hearing Loss

  1. Will I need follow-up hearing tests and if so, how often will I need them?
  2. What type of hearing loss do I have and what is the most likely cause?
  3. Does my hearing loss affect both ears and if so, to what degree in each ear?
  4. Is my hearing loss reversible?
  5. What are the symptoms of hearing loss?
  6. Could my hearing loss symptoms be caused by another medical condition or my medications?
  7. What are my treatment options for hearing loss?
  8. If a hearing aid is the treatment of choice for me, which type would be best for me and why?
  9. Am I a candidate for a cochlear implant? Why or why not?
  10. What are some other strategies I can use to improve my communication with others?