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An angioplasty can get blood flowing freely through your arteries again, but it can’t fight the ongoing buildup of plaque in arteries around your body.

If it's been more than a few years since high school biology class, you've probably forgotten what a powerhouse your heart is.

Using a Disease Management Program to Control Heart Disease

 These programs help people manage heart disease while taking charge of their health.

Medications You May Need After an Angioplasty

Anticlotting medicine can help prevent blood clots from forming in your stent.
If you've already been through one heart attack, you're at increased risk for another. With a few smart moves you can reduce that risk.

Your Guide to Cardiac Rehabilitation

How to Choose a Cardiac Rehab Program

These five questions can help you find the right cardiac program for you.

Caregiver Tips for Loved Ones With Heart Disease

When it comes to your loved one taking the necessary steps to better health, your encouragement and support can make the difference.

4 Tips for Sticking with a Cardiac Rehab

When you're going through a cardiac rehabilitation program, you'll need to adopt new habits to make the changes stick.