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Find a Specialist Who Treats Psoriasis


Psoriasis: The Diagnosis Process

Psoriasis isn't always easy to diagnose. Here’s what you need to know when you visit your doctor.

Expert Advice on Psoriasis


New Treatment Options for Psoriasis

Treatment options for psoriasis, especially for patients with moderate to severe psoriasis, have been revolutionized in recent years.

Doctor and Patient Perspectives


5 Top Questions About Treating Psoriasis With Biologics

Severe cases of psoriasis call for systemic medications that can target inflammation.

5 Reasons to See a Psoriasis Specialist

Psoriasis is a complex disease that affects everyone differently. That’s why all psoriasis patients should follow unique treatment plans.

Watch Psoriasis Videos

Psoriasis can change your life, but these patients are proof that finding the right treatment can put you back in control.

Psoriasis doesn’t have to ruin your life—if you find the right doctor, you can stay on top of your condition.

Dealing with a psoriasis diagnosis can be overwhelming, but these patients share tips on how to stay in control.

Managing Psoriasis Day to Day

When Psoriasis Is Dangerous

Many people don’t realize psoriasis can affect the whole body because psoriasis is often diagnosed by a dermatologist.
nails with psoriasis

When Psoriasis Picks on Your Nails

Psoriasis can attack more than just your skin.

Psoriasis By the Numbers

Get a solid overview of psoriasis with a look at this helpful infographic.

Treating Psoriasis Scars

After psoriasis treatment, you may be left with discolored patches of skin. Here's what you can do about them.

Understanding Oral and Injectable Treatments for Psoriasis

For some people with psoriasis, treatment involves taking oral medications or receiving injections.

What to Expect With Biologics for Psoriasis

Before you ask your doctor about them, it’s important to know what biologics do and how they could help you.

Mindfulness Meditation Enhances Psoriasis Treatment

Research has shown that controlling stress by practicing meditation can significantly increase the efficacy of psoriasis treatment.

Can You Eat to Beat Psoriasis?

A balanced diet is crucial for overall health. And certain foods may have benefits for managing psoriasis.

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