Breakthroughs in Treatment for Multiple Myeloma


Erin Azuse

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Multiple myeloma is a type of cancer that originates in plasma cells which are located in your bone marrow. Plasma cells produce antibodies that help your immune system function like it should. However, if these cells become cancerous, they can grow out of control and start making an excess of an abnormal antibody instead.  This can lead to problems with your bones, kidneys, immune system and red blood cells.

Multiple myeloma is treatable, but there is not a cure at this time. Those diagnosed can generally expect to have periods of remission and relapse. In the past, treatment often consisted of traditional chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant to replace the cancerous bone marrow with healthy bone marrow. This was a long process with many tough side effects. But in recent years, several new treatment options have emerged that appear to be better tolerated, decrease the progression of the disease, and improve overall survival rates. 

What is immunotherapy, and how can it fight cancer? These experts explain this exciting new treatment.

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