5 Immuno-Oncologist Tips for People With Lung Cancer


Louis M. Weiner, MD

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In recent years, cancer researchers have developed an exciting new type of treatment called immunotherapy. Typically, cancer cells use protective barriers to prevent the immune system from attacking and killing them. However, immunotherapy has the ability to break down these barriers, so a patient’s immune system can work the way it’s meant to and kill the cancer. Experts are still discovering which cancers respond well to these new treatments, but several cancers, including non-small cell lung cancer, have proven to work well with immunotherapies. Immuno-oncologist Louis M. Weiner, MD, offers these tips for patients living with lung cancer.

1. Immunotherapy has great benefits—but doesn’t work for everyone.

When immunotherapy works, it has the potential to have an absolutely transformative impact on a patient. For those patients with success on immunotherapy, the outcome is fantastic and they find themselves free of cancer for a very long time. However, I always tell my patients, before we start immunotherapy, that they should hope for the best but to be mindful that immunotherapy doesn’t work for everyone. It’s hard to say that; we’re still studying why immunotherapy works for some people but not others. Although the treatment may not be effective for all, when it does work, it works really well. So it’s worth trying if your oncologist recommends it.

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